Patricia Algeri 

Yoga Teacher and Wellness Advocate

It's said that yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. This ideal resonates strongly with me. When I consider my long-term career studying, practicing, and teaching the physical, spiritual, and emotional layers of yoga, my passion and belief in what I do underpins the personal journey that's lead me to where I am today.

Through yoga I found my connection to self

Before I came to yoga, I'd completed a degree in Accounting, and by the early nineties was working full time in Melbourne's corporate world. The long hours, combined with sporadic attempts to keep my health and fitness on track lead to a serious deficit in my work-life balance. I was not only physically and mentally exhausted; I felt ill-prepared for the next exciting chapter in my life: starting my family.

Knowing instinctively that something needed to change, a memory stirred from my school days. I recalled taking yoga classes in lunch breaks during my senior years, recollecting the feelings of calmness and wellbeing they'd invoked. I needed to strongly reconnect with those feelings.

An empowering journey

1996 was a year of empowerment. I carved out one day per week to invest in myself, my family, and my practice of yoga. I knew instantly I'd made the right choice, and my interest in yoga grew on a holistic level with each passing year. 

The more I practiced, the deeper I wanted to explore the principles of yoga further to satisfy my own question: What exactly was it about yoga that made me feel so good afterwards, that nothing else could rival?

I heeded the call by enrolling in an Advanced Diploma of Yoga in Education & Teaching, completing 1,120 hours of training and gaining qualification in 2008. However, my study didn't end there. Driven by my passion for yoga I continued my training under respected, world-renowned Yoga Masters such as Simon Borg-Olivier, Donna Farhi, David Swenson who oversaw my Ashtanga Teacher Training, and Shiva Rea. 
Under the tutelage of one of the last true Mothers of Yoga, Nicky Knoff, I completed 
further teacher training to solidify foundation, and Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, gleaning a deeper understanding of the wisdoms of some of the world's foremost yoga teachers, B. K. S. Iyengar and Sri Pattabhi Jois.  

My practice style today is shaped and influenced by both schools of yoga and it's been a privilege sharing my experience and knowledge with my own students over eleven years of teaching. The gift of yoga has benefited a diverse client base, including:

Bayside yoga classes
Group studio yoga classes
Children's yoga classes
Private yoga therapy sessions
Yoga retreat workshops
Palliative / ill-health clients
Clients with disability

Contemporary approach to an ancient tradition

Today, my business approach reflects the yogic principles by which I endeavour to live my life. I offer a comprehensive range of yoga classes amid uplifting natural environments to inspire connectivity, relaxation, awareness, and deliver the myriad of physical and emotional benefits yoga is celebrated for. 

From complete beginners to experienced yoga students, my intimate classes are personalised to suit students across every age and ability.

My popular Bayside Beach Yoga classes at the Hampton Life Saving Club overlooking Melbourne's beautiful Hampton Beach have seen people saluting the sun across Port Phillip Bay for the past nine years. These classes have been tailored with a focus on sequences and poses designed to build strength and flexibility. 

Since 2011 it's been an annual pleasure teaching yoga at  Sukhavati Ayurvedic Spa & Resort in Bali's beautiful Badung regency. Since 2018, I've been hosting my own exclusive Yoga and Health Retreats  at Sukhavati. Attendees leave relaxed and energised with a restored sense of connectivity and wellbeing. These unique opportunities to practice yoga in an immersive Ayurvedic environment deliver calm and balance to help offset the stresses and toxins of today's fast-paced lifestyle.

Discover the benefits of yoga for yourself

Have you been seeking a proven alternate health and lifestyle solution that runs deeper than a purely physical outcome? I would love to introduce you to the multi-faceted benefits of yoga, including:

Improved posture and flexibility
Stress relief and emotional wellbeing
Increased mindfulness
Increased tone and muscle strength 
Improved respiratory function 
Renewed energy, and vitality
Protection from injury
Elevated immune support
Cardio and circulatory health
Deeper, restorative sleep patterns
Lengthening and realignment of muscle fibres

I look forward to welcoming you into my inclusive yoga community, and helping you achieve freedom. Both internally and externally!

With love and light,

Accredited Yoga Teacher / Wellness Advocate
Member Yoga Australia

Carol Kilcullen-Lawrence

Yoga Teacher

I rediscovered yoga as a young mum, after having enjoyed it years ago whilst I was at university in the UK.

And at that time, I took the opportunity to study a Hatha Yoga Practitioners certificate at the Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training. 

Initially I did not intend to teach, I simply wanted to learn more about yoga and bring the teachings into my everyday life. 

However, I soon came to realise how yoga had enriched my life and I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce it into the lives of others, so I stayed with VIYETT and completed the advanced diploma of yoga teaching. 

I love to bring yoga back to basics so each student can really assess what works for them and develop a practice that can truly enrich their lives. 

I am so fortunate to be teaching at Beach Yoga with Patricia - such beautiful surroundings at Hampton Life Saving Club. Additionally, I have started uploading some yoga classes on YouTube so that I can share yoga with my family and friends overseas, together with developing AquaYoga, a series of asanas that I like to practice in water.

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Bayside Yoga at the Hampton Life Saving Club with our amazing view! Street parking available all day on the non-beach side of Beach Road and also side streets. Parking on the beach side of Beach Road starts from 10am.

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