"I have had an amazing experience overall and feel so grateful and blessed to have been able to attend this retreat. It has exceeded my expectations on many levels. The yoga has really helped me through this journey but also made me love it even more and feel the benefits even more. The spa treatments were amazing. The food delicious and completely satisfying. The tranquil atmosphere and beautiful surroundings are something I was continually noticing and soaking in. Patricia is an amazing, intuitive, professional, experienced and wise teacher. Even her soothing voice is something I love (and of course her laugh too!) The staff are beyond amazing! Nothing is too hard for them to do and I have been blown away by their service. The specially arranged activities have been lovely for me because it’s my first time in Bali and it was a great way to get to know the people in our group better, to see more of the local landscape and to add to the overall adventure and experience."

Georgie Beaumont

"I had no idea what to expect coming into the retreat and I have walked out with the tools to create a brand new way of living healthily and well. I had a wonderful time. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous experience and introducing me to this wonderful world."

Joanne Omer

“This retreat was one of the most divine things I have ever done. It far exceeded my expectations and has opened my eyes to a new level of luxury and wellbeing. So many aspects I enjoyed... the connection with such beautiful people, the incredible treatments (bliss!). The amazing food, so lovingly prepared and presented. The luxurious environment. The yoga so authentic and carefully planned and delivered with heart and intuitive, empathic attention. Time shared with friends, the detox and how my body and mind feel at the end of this outstanding adventure."

Julia Hall

"The food was amazing and the feeling your body was really thanking you for detoxing from impurities. Of course without saying, Patricia's yoga classes were just what we needed at the right times. Beautiful location, very comfy bed, enough private space around and in your villa to just be, amazing yoga and the food was so fresh and healthy. Stunning space overall and I felt everything was done so well from the yoga, to the food and to the beautiful staff. The yoga sessions were a great variety of both dynamic and restorative poses and always delivered with a calm grace, thank you Patricia!"

Jenni Hardie

“Given I had no idea about what I was embarking on, it was an amazing “novice” experience to doing Yoga twice daily, the body treatments performed and the special treatment provided by all staff. Patricia, you are an amazing woman and very accommodating to each individual’s needs. Suksama”

Fotini Triantafillou

“A picturesque, tranquil and welcoming environment. Facilities luxurious and the staff are gracious and quietly efficient. Patricia has done a fantastic job making us feel completely at ease. The balance between Yoga program and extra activities was perfect. I enjoyed learning about Doshas and the Ayurvedic diet and plan to take control in creating a healthier lifestyle.”

Kathy Solly

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Bayside Yoga at the Hampton Life Saving Club with our amazing view! Street parking available all day on the non-beach side of Beach Road and also side streets. Parking on the beach side of Beach Road starts from 10am.

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