Online Classes 

Our online classes aren't pre-recorded but delivered live via the Zoom Internet Video Conferencing system and accessed in the comfort of your own home using your laptop/desktop computer or tablet/mobile device.

Vinyasa Yoga 

A nourishing yoga practice that unites the movements of your body with breath.  These flow classes build strength, flexibility, concentration and then provide a deep nurturing relaxation, savasana.  Pranayama (breath work) and yogic philosophy are also included.

Yoga Nidra Restore

A Yoga Nidra Restore class begins with Pranayama (breathing techniques) and then a guided deep relaxation.  Yoga Nidra is the practice used to help take our nervous system out of flight/fight response (sympathetic nervous system) and into rest and digest or relaxation response (the parasympathetic nervous system) to experience deep healing and peace. 

As the flight/fight response shuts down the immune system, Yoga Nidra Restore helps boost our immunity by accessing the healing part of the nervous system.

Online Yoga Class Timetable 

Access online yoga classes via zoom in the comfort of your own home.

Online yoga classes are $10 per class or $19 per week. 
Mondays - Vinyasa Yoga
9.30am - 10.45am
Wednesdays - Vinyasa Yoga
9.30am - 10.45am
Wednesdays - Yoga Nidra Restore
11.15am - 12pm
Fridays - Vinyasa Yoga
9.30am - 10.45am

Find Us

Bayside Yoga at the Hampton Life Saving Club with our amazing view! Street parking available all day on the non-beach side of Beach Road and also side streets. Parking on the beach side of Beach Road starts from 10am.

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Beach Yoga
Hampton Life Saving Club
Beach Road (just north of Small Street)
Hampton Victoria 3188
+61 (0) 416 030 087